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 Chocolate Coating

RCN Belt Coater


The new family of Chocolate Coating Machines for the coating of nuts, almonds, dried fruit, crispy cereals balls, hard or soft candy and many different kinds of centres with dark or white chocolate and compound is composed of three models: the RCN.150 with a volumetric capacity of 210 litres, the RCN.300 with a volumetric capacity of 300 litres and a larger version, the RCN.500, having a volumetric capacity of 480 litres. In case of almonds, the output capacity of the three mentioned models corresponds to approx. 150, 280 and 450 kg of finished product respectively. 

All models are completely built in stainless steel and based on an INTRALOX® belt, made of a special food grade plastic running over a series of different shafts, so that the belt creates a space in which the centres to be coated are kept. When the machine starts, the rotation of the belt makes the centres spin, while liquid chocolate is spread from a set of nozzles fitted above. Chocolate flow from each nozzle can be independently adjusted and a pneumatic built-in system for the automatic cleaning of the nozzles is also included, to ensure continuous operation of the nozzles. All processing parameters are controlled by PLC and different process recipes can be set for each product.