Varick Enterprises Inc.



Die Sets and Washers


Chain Dies

The Chain dies are the most flexible in the industry due to their ability to make high percentage center filled candies as well as hard filled candy. These dies are used on chain forming machines to produce variable shapes.

Chain Die types:

  • Strada style for use on none Euromec forming equipment

  • 73ST chain dies

  • 90AP/N chain dies

  • 14ST/BC bar forming chain dies

  • 52ST-B high speed chain dies


The 119 chain die is designed with the same features and flexibility as our higher capacity chain forming dies in a laboratory scale production.


The lollipops linear forming system is extremely versatile and flexible. This die group allows for production of a wide range of lollipop shapes, including multiple colors, high percentage filled lollipops as well as flat and 3D shapes. The particular advantage of this die system is its ability to attain speeds up to 1000 pieces per minute, while affording die replacements in less than 5 minutes.


Rotary Dies

For more than 40 years, Nuova Euromec has been producing various types of chain & rotary forming dies capable of running on both Euromec forming equipment and those of other manufacturers. Models include:

Uniplast style (160 series A/B/C/D and T)

  • Super Robust style (85A)

  • Super Rostoplast style (96A)

  • 30SR

  • 31SR


Nuova Euromec has been manufacturing their model 16SU rotary forming dies for more than 40 years. These dies can run on both Euromec’s 15SR & 100SR Rotary forming machine as well as all Uniplast type forming machines (specify special types at time of inquiry).


Die Washers

These Die washers can be fully programmed to wash, dry and lubricate the dies.

Model 42LS Automatic Die Washer

Euromec’s Model 42LS Automatic Die washing machine is fully programmable to quickly wash, dry & lubricate both rotary & chain forming dies. The only connection requirements are: Electricity, cold water & steam or hot water, along with plumbing that would allow waste water to be drained. 


Stainless Steel construction 

  • Ability to customize wash, dry and lubrication cycle times 

  • Works on both rotary & chain forming dies. 

  • Equipped with die carrier