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Mazzetti Renato S.r.l.’s Manufacturing facility is based in a suburb of Milan, Italy where it employs highly skilled personnel especially selected for their “customer first” oriented philosophy. For over 40 years their worldwide customer base, ranging from well known multinationals to the smallest of family owned operations, have greatly benefited from Mazzetti Renato’s production lines and equipment while experiencing outstanding presale and aftermarket assistance.

Beginning with the company’s inception in 1972 Mazzetti Renato have partnered with their customers to achieve the common goal of mutual productivity, product quality and maximum profitability. This relationship has allowed both to grow and benefit from each others experience and professional skills. Highly efficient and specialized Mazzetti mechanical and electrical engineers are dedicated to give the best possible assistance and training to the company’s customer base that insure cost effective installation at startup while also providing for assistance in creating customized future routine maintenance programs; both practices of which are designed to insure equipment line longevity .

Mazzetti employs a dedicated team of specialized designers that use the latest CAD CAM technologies and when coupled with the valuable assistance of company technologists, Mazzetti is able to achieve the most cost-effective solution in equipment design. The same synergy; combining expert designers with experienced technologists also allows the company to offer the best cost-effective solutions when planning for new installations along with designing machinery and systems to be incorporated in upgrading existing lines and production plants.

Having a primary focus on reliability, low maintenance cost and facility of installation at startup, Mazzetti equipment and plant installations are internally designed to the highest standards. The company only incorporates stainless steel structure, food grade aluminium alloy and food grade plastic and components, providing for total peace of mind when considering both equipment hygiene and food safety. The company’s primary suppliers of electronic, mechanical and pneumatic components are well known to the companies customer base and as such guarantee their quality making the Mazzetti line of equipment built to last. Mazzetti employs its own in house software development team and can therefore offer multiple options and choices, affording customization according to customer requirements and needs. Software upgrading and remote assistance are also available.

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