Varick Enterprises Inc.

 Soft Candy Stabilizing and Forming Line Feeding



After pulling, a proper cooling and stabilization of the mass is essential to give soft and chewy products a smooth and stable texture that will not shrink after forming. This is achieved through a three step process. The Sheeter LAM.200 is specifically designed to receive soft candy batches, form them into bands of consistent width and thickness, and deliver them onto a set of overhead cooling conveyors NR.9 where cooling takes place through water circulation inside the conveyors’ frame as well as forced air circulation from the top. After cooling, the band of product is collected into the hopper of an automatic feeding system, LN.200, that can be configured to serve up to 10 forming lines. A special twin feeding system LN.200D is also available to feed each forming line with batches of different colours to process two colour chewy candy. 

In case of discontinuous processes, such as those applied to extruded chewy candies that require significant curing time, the LAM.200A features a short inclined belt and a batch cutting unit designed to cut the laminated batches in slabs of pre-set dimensions that can be easily handled and stored to complete crystallization before reaching the extruder.