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Soft Candy Line

Confitech supplies a full range of cookers for low boiled sweets, such as soft and chewy candies, caramel, toffees and fudges, with output capacity ranging from 400 to 1.000 kg per hour. Based on an innovative cooking process, CKT series cookers for toffee and caramel use a high efficiency Plate Heat Exchanger to cook the basic sugar/ glucose pre-mix, while condensed milk, or other heat sensitive agents, are injected into the mass after the PHE and then cooked inside a caramelizing vessel to develop desired colour and flavour. That simple and maintenance free system allows to produce premium quality toffees and caramel with high milk content. 

The caramelizing vessel is steam heated and equipped with a variable speed wall scraping stirrer, automatic steam pressure control and vacuum pump, while condensed milk feeding is electronically controlled to ensure consistency to the final product. Cooking and caramelising temperature, feeding pump speed, residence time and vacuum level may be varied to obtain the desired final colour and moisture content. A user friendly graphic interface allows simple interaction with the machine including parameters editing and monitoring, alarming and diagnostics. A powerful dynamic in-line mixer, MX.10 can be connected to the extraction pump of the cooker to allow automatic injection and mixing of gelatine solution as well as aromatization of the product with liquid colours and flavours in a continuous and fully automatic way. The in-line mixer MX.10 is also equipped with one inlet for granular additives such as cocoa powder, liquorice powder or alike.