Varick Enterprises Inc.

Soft Candy Pulling

TZ40 and TZ60 Pullers

Horizontal pulling machines TZ.40 and TZ.60 are designed to safely pull hard or soft candy batches, up to 60 kg, inside a totally enclosed pulling area. Mainly used for chewy candy, they are also employed to achieve glossy finish, white and silky aspect and a lighter weight on premium quality hard candy or lollipops. The pulling operation is carried out by two vertical spinning arms, covered with non-sticking sleeves, which are lowered into the batch, sitting on a water cooled table, when pulling cycle starts. Variable pulling speed and long stretch considerably reduce the pulling time normally required on other conventional pullers, while a self cleaning procedure, automatically executed at the end of each cycle, prevents sticking of the mass on pulling arms. The Confitech TZ.60 model also features automatic unloading of batches and it is usually integrated in fully automatic processing lines. 

While the TZ.40 model requires operator assistance for loading and discharge, the TZ.60 is equipped with an hydraulic unloading pusher designed to discharge the batch off the front side of the table at the end of the pulling cycle. When linked to Kneading Machines type IM.70 or Cooling Drums RCT series, the Pulling Machine TZ.60 receives, pulls and unloads batches without any operator assistance. A special function, available on all models, enables the operator to suspend and resume the pulling cycle to safely access the batch on the table for manual addition of ingredients into the batch being pulled.