Varick Enterprises Inc.

 Soft Candy Cooling

RCT Cooling Drums

Continuous cooling drums represent the most efficient, compact and labour saving solution for the cooling of all types of low boiled soft candy, chews, caramels and toffee. Confitech supplies a wide range of models with capacity from 300 to 1.200 kg per hour. All models feature a water cooled Teflon® coated stainless steel drum with variable speed gear, automatic temperature control and thickness adjusting device. Smaller models RCT.100 and RCT.150 are operator assisted machines recommended for operations from 300 to 500 kg per hour, where batch transfer is manually executed. Larger models such as RCT.150T, RCT.800 and RCT.1200, usually integrated in fully automatic processing lines, are equipped with automatic batching system that allows the automatic feeding of one or two pulling machines with batches of pre-set size.