Varick Enterprises Inc.

 Soft Candy Continuous Crystallization

TMX Continuous Mixer

A new concept in the continuous production of crystallised chewy masses has been developed by Confitech for extruded soft candy, including centre-filled or bi-colour products. After cooking, the mass is pre-cooled and fed into the Heavy Duty Continuous Mixer TMX.200 where other additives are automatically metered and mixed to the chewy mass to induce crystallization, in a controlled way. Beside acid, icing sugar or fondant, also milk powder can be added to obtain fresh milk flavour chewy candy, or dried fruit for premium quality sweets. Colours and flavours can also be injected and perfectly mixed to the mass. Leaving the TMX.200 the mass is collected on a set of Stabilizing Conveyor NR.10, specifically designed to complete the crystallization process before reaching the extruder. 

A two colour set-up is also available to feed an extruder with two ribbons of mass having different colour or flavour. The TMX.200 is composed of a water cooled stator and of an internal rotor having several mixing elements that vary depending on the product to be processed. The stator is divided in two shells that can be opened for inspection and cleaning. Variable speed drive and fully automatic temperature control complete the unit. The TMX.200 can also be successfully employed to produce a wide range of products requiring a powerful mixing of a significant amount of dry ingredients, such as icing sugar, acid, fondant, milk or malt powder, to the mass coming from the cooker.