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IM.70 Kneader

First introduced and patented by Confitech in the 1950s, kneading machines have changed the way of making candy and are still considered a milestone for the candy industry in batch tempering and mixing of high boiled sugar masses. Worldwide known for their robustness and reliability, kneading machines allow considerable labor saving and scrap reduction compared to traditional tempering and mixing on tables, ensuring high and consistent quality to the final product. Hydraulically operated and controlled by PLC, the kneading machine IM.70 is composed of a water cooled rotating table on which two powerful water cooled ploughs fold and knead the sugar mass, while the table turns when required by the kneading cycle. The kneading machine IM.70 can handle batches from 40 to 70 kg for a capacity of 750 kg/h. 

When integrated in a fully automatic line, the machine can also be equipped with an automatic unloading device aimed to transfer the kneaded batch to the next processing step without any human intervention.



Designed to work with the Kneading Machines, the Mixer ME.70B is used to incorporate flavors and colors into the batch just before the kneading operation. It is composed of a column carrying a mixing head and two lifting arms. As the mixer is started, the bowl containing the boiled mass is lifted up to reach the working position, then the mixing arms are automatically operated. A stainless steel protection grid prevents accidental contact with the mixing arms.