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 Hard Candy Cooking

Batch Process

Confitech cookers for high boiled sweets are based on Plate Heat Exchanger technology that provides high efficiency, low steam consumption, fast cooking, low maintenance, no sugar inversion and no risk of burning in case of power failure, due to very low thermal inertia. PHEs can be easily disassembled and each single plate can be accessed for servicing or inspection and being made by independent plates assembled together, they can be built to meet specific capacity needs and can also be upgraded, on existing machines, to satisfy output capacity changes dictated by the market. Cooking process is always performed in a continuous way while delivery of the cooked mass can be continuous or batch wise, depending on the model. All cookers can also be used for sugar free products and some versions can be enhanced with an additional unit to produce hard candies with high milk content.

Capacity ranges from 500 to 1200 kg/h.



CKU models can be enhanced with a special wall scraping stirrer and a volumetric dosing pump to allow the automatic addition of condensed milk, or other heat sensitive ingredients, directly into the flash-off vessel,thus overcoming issues related to the cooking of milk through static cooking equipment. Milk feeding is electronically controlled and synchronized with the actual throughput to maintain a pre-set milk ratio and ensure consistent quality to the final product. The CK.1000 is a high capacity fully automatic cooker with two vacuum chambers that allow to extend the exposure to vacuum in one chamber, thus extracting more moisture, while the other is filling up, without affecting the throughput of the machine. Discharge from vacuum chamber is automatic.

Continuous Process

Similarly to our other cookers, the cooking process is carried out in a plate heat exchanger from which the product flows into a flash-off chamber, where it looses its moisture. Just below the flash-off chamber, a vacuum chamber provides extra moisture release while a screw extracting unit drives the product into a dynamic in- line mixer where colours and flavours, as well as acid, if required, are automatically added and mixed to the mass at pre-set ratios. The mass is finally collected on a stainless steel cooling band with three independent cooling sections where three folding ploughs and rollers provide smooth tempering/kneading of the mass that is then directly fed to the forming machines.

CKC Continuous Cooker


The CKC family of continuous cookers integrate cooking, aromatization, colouring, addition of acid, mixing and tempering in a single line. The CKC.75 and CKC.120 produce up to 750 kg/h or 1200 kg/h of sugar based or sugar free hard candy. Combining the advantages of plate heat exchanger technology with a high level of automation, our continuous cookers represent an efficient and reliable solution for high capacity production processes. The twin mixer version CKC.100D also allows the simultaneous processing of two flows of candy having different colour or flavour on the same tempering belt.