Varick Enterprises Inc.

 Crunchy Candy


Combining the best confectionery tradition with advanced technology, the CL.20 line allows to produce best quality honeycomb candy in a fully automatic and labour saving way. The CL.20 line is composed of three functional units. The first unit is aimed to make a centre filled rope of sugar. The centre filled rope is then transferred to a compacting unit where it is transformed in a multi-layered ribbon and covered by a thin film of sugar layered over it. 

The jacketed ribbon is driven over a specially designed saddle, where it is folded around its own centre to form a rope having an extremely crispy honeycomb centre, which is driven to the rope sizer for final calibration before reaching the candy forming machine. The correct synchronisation of speed and other parameters involved in this delicate process is assisted by an advanced software which allows an intuitive control of the line. Working parameters are stored by the control system and used to automatically change the speed of the different units of the line to match the current output of the candy forming machine. A graphic interface unit with visual representation of the line provides extensive support and diagnostic tools for the operator.