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14ST - 14ST/BC
Installed on the Apollo 2000 forming machines. This die is designed for the high speed production of hard and filled candy, as well as, toffee. Only through the use of the highest grade materials coupled with constant upgrades in design, has this die achieved its growing success. Moreover, this die has remarkable flexibility, having the ability to produce the simplest of shapes, as well as, complex ones such as filled bars (weight ranges from 0.5 grams to 1.0 grams on model 14ST/DC).

Newly born inside the chain die family, it has been designed to be applied to the Apollo 2000 in order to get some particularly high output. It has the same characteristics of flexibility and speed as the chain die sets 14ST and 14ST/BC, but it is stronger and easier to use even at medium and low working speeds.

The model 52STV chain die has evolved from the model, 14ST. However, this die offers production rates taken to a different dimension. Production rates from 1800 to 2000kg/hr are not uncommon. The rates, however, are predicated upon piece size and shape. Thanks to forming cams incorporated on the die, noise during operation is reduced. The die also offers flexibility and consistency in candy shapes, as well as, ease of use.

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